Macross Frontier 20

アタシはおこったぞーーー!!! 河森ショージーーーーッ!!!!!!


Spoilers warning ネタバレ注意

Quick and dirty summary:

Ranka runs away and falls on the stairs. Vajra hatches and attacks the city. Assassination of the president botched for the time being. Ranka doesn’t want to sing anymore and goes emo. Sheryl and Alto slaps some sense into Ranka.

She sings to quell the Vajra, but she fails miserably because she’s too depressed. Vajra keeps attacking. Sheryl and Nanaka separated from the main group. They head for shelter while Alto and other heads for SMS for weapons

Brera wanted to help Ranka but Grace forces him to go take care of the Vajra first. Nene Random girl dies in the attack (one to-be-dead person angsting over another dead person…how ironic)

Leon had the president killed anyway. Cassie weeps when she and Ozma finds his dead body.

Klan Klan undresses to change into her Zentradi size. She forces a kiss on Michael and tells him she loves him.

In the shelter, evacuees are filled with despair. Sheryl: “Ranka, if you are the songstress of hope, then I shall show that I sing even amidst despair.” Then bursts out into epic Diamond Crevasse.

While Klan Klan’s returning to her Zentradi size, Vajra attacks. Michael covers her and he dies and gets sucked out into outer space. Before he dies he admits that he actually loves her too.

I’ll use a 4chan meme here:

Leon lied. Michael died. Klan Klan cried.

Rest in peace, Michael. 安らかに眠れ、ミハイル。

Next week, on Super Dimensional Fortress Macross Frontier: Super Zentradi Klan Klan

Also, I find it ridiculous that some people are blaming Ranka for sucking and not singing to calm the Vajra. That’s too much to ask of her, if her song power relies on her emotional state. She can’t help but be depressed when she’s about to confess her love and then runs into a Nice Boat situation just like that. If Macross F fans are looking for someone to blame, blame the bastard who decided to kill off Michael. Blame Kawamori Shouji.

This is for Kawamori Shouji (河森にこうしたくなった):

Kawamori, you’re an asshole for killing Michael off and making Klan Klan cry. Now if anything else happens to Klan Klan, then you’re dead to me.


3 Responses

  1. I’m just glad to see Kawamori still has it in him to write such a dramatic scene.

    Also the 4chan meme is pretty lol.

  2. Are you sure that dead SMS employee is Nene? Nene had longer hair than that and pointy ears.

  3. Hmmm that appears to be just a random employee. I wonder what made me think it was Nene. Probably because of the hair color.

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