Nakajima Megumi and May’n goes to karaoke. Karaoke box implodes under DECULTURE

(This is worth of celebration. My first seiyuu post.)

Gentlemen, I like Macross Frontier. Gentlemen, I like Macross Frontier. Gentlemen, I LOVE MACROSS FRONTIER.


So this post will be some stuff about Nakajima Megumi (a.k.a. Mamegu), the seiyuu for Ranka Lee. Her blog is as posted in the celebrity blogroll to the right. There will also be some stuff from May’n about the Lion/Northern Cross single.

Recently, in Mamegu’s blog, she has declared a “special one year anniversary” in which she will answer questions some questions from fans one month after  September 1, which is the 1 yr anniversary of her blog. So if you have something to ask her, keep checking her blog because she said she’ll let everyone know when to start asking her questions. If you don’t know Japanese, leave me a comment and I will try to translate it and post it on her blog. I want to ask her if she’s interesteed in performing in America 😀

Now, as many of you Macross fans know…OP2 SINGLE LION WAS RELEASED YESTERDAY IN JAPAN! (Ordered mine from HMV already \o/)

Let’s see how well it did…

Oricon top 5 singles ranking for 08/20/08

Oricon top 5 singles ranking for 08/20/08

As you can see, Lion came #3, just after truth/kaze no mukou he by Arashi and Gift by Porno Graffiti, both released on the same day. That’s amazing! What’s even more incredible, is that Lion beat out Life goes on by Chemistry (OP/ED for new Anime “Antique“) which debuted at #8. My heartiest congratulations to Mamegu and May’n for this worthy achievement. If you only PIRATED and have not BOUGHT the CD, please do it now.

In celebration of the release of Lion, Mamegu and May’n decided to go…Karaoke.

Wait, did I hear that right?

“Galactic Fairy” Sheryl Nome and “Super Dimensional Cinderella” Ranka Lee, together in a Karaoke Box.

(つд⊂)ゴシゴシ→(;゚ Д゚)



How is it possible that said Karaoke Box has not already IMPLODED under the awesome song energy that is Sheryl and Ranka?

Mamegu sang the following songs:

Lion (2)
Like a virgin (me: LOL!)
Momoiro Kataomoi (youtube)
Shiroi Parasol (youtube)
BREAKOUT (actually I can’t tell which BREAKOUT this is…too many of them)
Eriashi (youtube)
Osaka LOVER (youtube)
cinderella (also don’t know which Cinderella this is…)
Iteza Gogo 9-ji DON’T BE LATE (2)
Seikan Hikou (2) x2

*(2) = songs that both May’n and Mamegu sang together.

According to Mamegu, they went all out when singing Lion and Iteza. めいん嬢 (=Madam/Princess May’n) also sang NINJIN LOVES YOU YEAH! Wow. I’d sure like to see that performed…the Sheryl version of NINJIN LOVES YOU YEAH.

Afterwards, they both went to the CD store and bought a copy each. I wonder if they caused a mini-riot in the CD store…

Now some things from the May’n side.

May’n asks you to go buy Lion!

She gave some comments about her songs. May’n on Lion:
“This duet with Nakajima Megumi-chan expresses the world view of Macross F. This song allowed me to use my best vocal range fully. My favorite part of that song is bridge before the last chorus (^ω^).

Amidst the intensity, it was the only sobbing part. I sang it while gritting my teeth on the lyrics. In this song, I included such feelings as ‘Sheryl’s emotions’ plus ‘May’n shall not rest yet!!’

Next is Northern Cross!! I was really surprised. Sheryl can be quite a rocker! Thanks to this song I was actual to power-up quite considerably. Even though it’s such an upbeat song, the lyrics are really say. Perhaps, different from a ballad (e.g. Diamond Crevasse), this is Sheryl at her most painful moments – pretending to be strong, when she’s struggling to not show her weakness. So when I sang it, rather than ‘carefully’ sing it, I sang it like I was shouting in tears. While this is mentioned on everyone’s comments, I am rather pleased with the ‘roar’ before the final chorus. The initial demo tape did not contain such a melody line, so I wondered if I could stretch my voice tidily. Then I thought, if I were driven into a corner like Sheryl, there’s no way I could sing tidily, so I basically tried to shout intensely while trying to stretch my voice.

During the recording of this song, Kanno-san (Kanno Youko) cheered ‘Sheryl-sama~!!’ many times. And when we were doing the part where the lyrics went ‘Kiete shimae’: ‘I understand!!!’ — by Kanno-san”

Listen to Lion on Youtube:

Listen to Northern Cross on Youtube:


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  1. You are such a Macross Frontier fanboy, W-Gen. 😉

  2. My question is if you had to choose, who would you kiss choose? 😛

  3. lol W-general 😛 moar pics please :3

  4. Hey W-General. w00t Macross Frontier, such delicious CG and J-pop. Good luck blagging.

  5. W-Generalさん、こんにちは。
    Mare Foecunditatisのsamadaです。




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