Lion climbs to #2 on Oricon and tidbits about Nakajima Megumi and May’n (Macross Frontier)

In an unusual turn of events, Lion has climbed to second place on Oricon yesterday (Aug 23) even though it officially debuted on Aug 20. (Thanks to samada-san that I was able to find out about this. さすがに私も毎日オリコンをチェックしませんねww)

For some reason, while Porno Graffiti has fallen to #5, Arashi is still on top!
*Shakes fist* Curse you Arashi!!! RAGEEEEEE (actually I won’t use the RAGE tag for this post)

Mamegu-memo now ACCEPTING QUESTIONS for Nakajima Megumi (Ranka Lee)…

The one-year anniversary special for Nakajima Megumi’s blog “Mamegu-memo” (if you have not caught on yet, Mamegu is her nickname), she will answer questions sent to her in the month’s period from September 1st “with great effort.” This special promotion is called:

“Mamegu will answer your questions – that’s right,  your QUESTIONS! And her voice will be delivered to you! Hey you, don’t hesistate and clickty click, mmmmmkay?” (not the best translation of so-called promotion title, but I put it in their English equivalent LOL)

Or you can just call it “MameQ” for short. So go ahead and send them in (in Japanese of course)

The address is
Subject: 【まめぐめも】一周年企画
I tried to click on the link she gave on her blog, but because of stupid Mozilla Thunderbird encoding it all came out as mumble jumble (文字化け). But I managed to throw the html code into Google Japan and extract the subject you’re supposed to use 😀

And for next month, she’ll take everyone’s idea and make “Mamegu Voice Ringtone” from them. If you got good ideas about what would make a good voice ringtone, then go ahead and send them in – it will be downloadable from her official mobile site. Of course this will only benefit you if you live in Japan…for me it’s no good whatsoever – perhaps some kind soul who lives in Japan can download the file and email it to me.

My guess is that for the voice ringtone, there will be 1000 entries for “Kira☆” (キラッ☆). That’s what I plan to send in anyway 😛

Also like I said, if you got awesomely good questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll translate them into Japanese and send them in for you. I think you’re allowed to ask more than 1 question per person…didn’t say anything about limits.

Did you know that Nakajima Megumi is a big fan of Nakagawa Shoko (Shokotan)? Apparently Shokotan mentioned Ranka in one of her Oricon Style interviews…I’m still trying to track that one down…

A few posts back, I talked about how Mamegu and May’n went to Karaoke together (and the Karaoke miraculously did not implode). Well May’n posted what she sang (does not appear to include her duets):

Kiki♥ by Shibasaki Kou (background music of this Youtube video)
O2 (Youtube)
Lost my music <—— !!!!!
Toxic  <—– =_=”
Seikan Hikou
Ninjin Loves You YEAH!
Kiseki (Youtube)
A song by SEAMO
A song by Aoyama Thelma

Toxic? I guess Britney Spears does not have the negative reputation in Japan like she does in western society. Then again someone needs to tell May’n that Toxic is an AWFUL song and she should sing more refined stuff. But I am extremely happy to see that she did O2 and Lost My Music. Actually I really would have wanted to see her sing Lost My Music – that’d be extremely epic.

Oh ya, not that I am a creepy old man or anything, but in her latest post on Aug 24, she said she went to…the POOL. On her own (none of her friends wanted to go LOL). And what did she wear?
( ^ω^)Bikini?

(^ω^ )School swimsuit?


Just one-piece competitive swimsuit━━(゜Д゜)━━HEY!!

No pictures, however. >_>
I’d be surprised if there is any from this…occasion 😛


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