Code Geass R2 – 21

Quick! Trivia: How many times has Suzaku betrayed someone and changed sides? Brownie points for the first person to get it right.


Spoilers: Read more for Code Geass R2 episode 21

Anya/Lelouch Mom sharpie spin~

Quick image summary:

Fabulous Mom goes into the Ragnarok system. Like mother like son.

Apparently Charles and VV’s childhood were much like Lelouch’s. Assassinations and what now. So they decided to make a world without lies.

That would be the system called “Connection to Ragnarok” and they got C.C. and Marianne to help them. Strange stuff. Reminded me of the human instrumentality project. Actually it’s probably the same as human instrumentality project. Actually I am reminded of another Taniguchi work: Gun x Sword.

V.V. didn’t like that. He thinks Charles’s getting too soft so he killed Marianne. Marianne used her Geass to transfer her will onto Anya.

In order to protect Lelouch and Nunally from V.V., Charles erased Nunally’s memory and sent the two to Japan. Now he wants to carry out his Ragnarok plan. Mommy is happy.

Of course being an anime protagonist, Lelouch tells Charles “NO U”

Oh ya he also gets a second Geass eye after he “begs” to the collective unconsciousness in the world of C. Seems like the world of C chose Lelouch so Charles and Marianne begins to disappear. Not before Charles unleashes his FINAL WEAPON though…


Which did nothing. So he disappeared.  So did mom. Not before he warns Lelouch that with Charles gone, Schenizel will take over the world.

1 month later, Lelouch and Suzaku hijacks the imperial court with Spinzaku Kick!


Allow me to introduce to you, Knight of the Roundtable Kick: Kururugi Suzaku

Of course after 45 episodes Lelouch is sick of all this political maneuver bullshit, so he just geasses the entire royal court into obeying him.


Black Knights not amused. Take that Ougi you dick.
Xingke — D:

That’s it for this week’s episode. I am looking forward to Lelouch’s new FABULOUS emperor’s outfit. Can’t wait to see what Rivalz and Millay say about it. Next week, Emperor Lelouch and the Emperor’s New Dress!

I am somewhat intrigued by this plot development. The more I watch the more I wonder how far this deviates from the original timeslot storyline that Taniguchi had in mind before he tossed it out the window for the new timeslot. I wish they would release it in some form so we may compare the two and see which one we like. Even better, they should continue to milk the series by animating that scenario even!

I heard both “like” and “dislike” for this episode. For now I am going to be somewhat neutral about it. Rocketmoto and Marianne left the stage too soon. I am sure that when we all first watched this series, we did not anticipate Schenizel being the final boss: I was hoping/expecting it to be Rocketmoto+Suzaku. Perhaps that’s what they had originally planned for? But there are at least a good 4 episodes (?) left in this series. I am sure that Taniguchi will impress me like he did at the end of season 1.

In other news, Spinzaku is so epic that he can spin upwards back into the ceiling!

Legs are just for show! Those high-ups don’t know anything!


4 Responses

  1. Shining Finger?

  2. I love this show it reminds me the history of war on how the villains treats their prisoner as slave however villains can show there affectionate through love and spreading happiness to every mind..either though they only use that to gain again trust to their pawns..

  3. i I super like this show it reminds me how important I am in this world

  4. me, i’m super super like this anime to the highest level!!!!!

    Shi Tsu 04

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