Macross Frontier – 25 (END)




Well played, Kawamori. Well played. Epic TROLLING. I got trolled on a 10/10 level.

See more for impressions / rage / spoiler:


What I watched

What I watched

Undecided harem end.
Undecided harem end.
Undecided harem end.

Alto didn’t make up his mind until the very end.

I hereby declare this COP-OUT OF THE CENTURY. This isn’t the first time the bastard Kawamori have done this….cop-out of the 20th century was with Macross 7 (Mylene clearly should have picked Gamlin – Basara was someone beyond the affections of mere mortals…the only one fitting for a deity of rock music like Basara would have been Sivil)

If they were going for undecided end, then what was the point of BUILDING UP all the Sheryl parts in the past few episodes for? Are they just mocking us Sheryl fans?

Wasn’t Alto going to say something to Sheryl before he left for battle in the previous episode? What happens to that now??????????????


Kawamori should have grown a pair and made a decisive end.
Actually, Kawamori should have manned-up and made Sheryl x Alto end. I am sure that would have been the best business decision ever and an overwhelming majority of the fans would have immediately declared Macross F as “best show ever.” That’s right, Ranka x Alto fans are too insignificant to be considered

Being a die-hard Sheryl loyalist, I hereby shamelessly declare this episode is earning a PAINFUL 1 from me. BAD END Ranka x Alto would have gotten negative infinity – a score too bad to even be represented by an actual numerical value. That’s right – the only way this episode would have gotten a 10 was if Alto had made up his mind and PICKED OUR QUEEN SHERYL. But he didn’t, because Kawamori copped-out.

You get one chance to redeem yourself, Kawamori-fail: only if you make the movie EPIC SHERYL X ALTO END
(The same could be applied to Yoshino Hirokazu if he’s the one behind this, but I say Kawamori gets the majority of the blame because he definitely has final say in everything Macross)


May she defeat that silly green-haired puppy.

If I actually own the Macross Frontier DVD/BD, this would be my reaction too after watching episode 25:


5 Responses

  1. Yes,I agree with you!Yes I feel a connection with you here…just like I said it everywhere….would a normal guy pick a retarded child over a real woman,besides retarded Ranka is fantastically horrible…she looks like dog.
    They made an idiotic end,as usual,they leave you know with doubts and this isn’t the only anime or manga that ends this way.
    And to be honest I don’t get people what do they see in Ranka and why do they bash Sheryl so bad,Sheryl is a real natural woman and also a real star,I’d say it’s pretty normal to act like she did.
    So I come from a place where almost everybody without seeing anything clear “Alto x Ranka”,come on please…join their heads together to see how they really look like and what couple will they make.
    To be honest is it possible for this to actually happen,most of the animes today get more and more inspired from real life,from the point of view of relations so would this be normal for this guy to pick Ranka,I mean what did she do for him,when did she ever helped him….oh,no she actually added to his problem one more,herself,she kept being a pest and a burden for him.
    And all people Ranka is the bets….wtf….because she is shy?Shy,oh please,you remember the episode with the plane with her dressed trashy,she was disgusting,she made me puke and her face is that of a retarded hum,an being.
    I ma disappointed,I mean was there from the very beginning any chance for such a guy to love someone like Ranka,excuse me,better said is there a real chance for any normal guy real/unreal to pick such a girl?
    I am too old for cheap love triangles with no foundation
    ,I mean after all that Sheryl and Alto have been through,was it any possibility for a guy to love a girl that appears to him every once in a while and there she starts whining!
    Why is it so hard to pick,when actually he has only one good choice…come on Ranka:becomes the bets singer,the saviour of the Universe and gets the bets guys too….looking like that.
    To be honest I worked my eyes out at the faculty to get good marks and this happened to many others and what do you know….a girl that looks like a model of course has the biggest salaries no matter if she is stupid and someone who learned and works as a teacher for example has one of the smallest…my point here is that there is no chance for someone like Ranka to get everything,oh,please…that gets to ridiculous.
    And what it pains me the most is that if the two girls were actually guys most of the people would have preferred Sheryl and not Ranka,but since they are girls let’s apply all our frustrations and root for Ranka…that is being dishonest with yourself.
    You know and it’s not the looks actually,it’s about the intelligence,the finesse,the talent that Sheryl and Ranka is no way near her…I mean yeah she has some beautiful songs too but listen to the both version of “What about my star” sorry to the artists but I prefer the one voicing Sheryl,she has a more profound voice,a deeper tone and her voice isn’t annoying. And many people say that Sheryl is evil and sneaky,after they saw that part when she kissed him: “oh,she is so sneaky”…where was she sneaky,wouldn’t it be normal to kiss the man you love knowing that he goes to save another girl or knowing that he goes into a mission,no matter what if he loves you or not and to be honest I’d say that her earring is his lucky charm,the second time when it seems to give him power.To be honest,I just feel that Sheryl made this anime worth watching it except the action part,she deserves all the credit…she raised the chances for this anime to be good.And yes Ranka annoyed me from the beginning but she got to me in the episode where Sheryl kissed Alto,in that episode she said she takes the role and that wasn’t something like taking it for the sake of singing but more like out of spite and envy,she wanted to kiss him too…and she had a nasty figure.And people say she is shy,yes she is shy and not in the same time she has some things that are amazing,you wouldn’t say that she is shy,but rather that she wants people to feel pity for her.
    I am so with you,finally someone who thinks like me!
    I ma disappointed,the same as with Saiunkoku Monogatari…I started disliking Shuurei,she is a sort of Alto but as a woman ,from the point of view of making up her mind.


  3. Heh, the boy’s blatantly more interesting in flying than in either of them… 😀
    I love how they made the whole episode into one long music video tho. I was almost crying at the brilliance of it at one point..

  4. What about a Sheryl x Ranka end? 😛

    I was actually surprised how close it seemed that it could have gotten to that place. 😀

  5. NO!

    The only acceptable end is Sheryl x Alto!!!!!!!! *rage*

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