C75: Memoirs of a Comiket Initiate (Day 0)

12/27/2008, I leave from Taipei International Airport, Taiwan, for Japan. My flight was around just after mid-day, and we arrive in Narita a little before 5PM.

Today’s itinery:
1) Meet up with Shinikenshi and Ayu from #nekonyan at the airport. They are folks whom I know through Zalas of Encubed (Shinikenshi is also the eroge peddler many of you know from Hendane! at major North American cons)
2) Get to my hotel in Roppongi, drop off, ready for the big battle ahead

Apparently their flight were slightly delayed so I ended up landing before they did. I headed over to the Softbank booth in a couple floors down and got myself a Japanese phone until they arrived. We split up from there – me and my sister (who was going to Comiket with another friend who’s already in Japan) wanted to drop our stuff off first at the hotel in Roppongi – where I will be staying for the next 4 nights.

From research, I found that there’s this awesome cheap plan for gaijin to get both Suica (the subway card) and Narita Express ticket for 3000 yen, so we did just that. The trip was very smooth, and took less than than an hour. After some hauling luggage around Tokyo, we eventually arrived, my sister met up with her friend, and I dropped my stuff off. Dinner was at the delicious Tenka Ippin ramen restaurant, Roppongi store, which is pictured below. I also snapped some pictures around Roppongi. As many have described, Roppongi is full of foreigners: because it was Saturday night, there were extra many gaijin club bouncers loitering around the entrance to the hundreds of clubs with English signs. Yup, it’s almost like back in Collegetown…almost.

Shinikenshi and Ayu are staying with other #nekonyan cohorts all the way down in Shinkiba, nice and close to Comiket. I wanted to head over and meet up with them but decided the night was late, I’d be better off meeting up with them in the morning. Reducing the weight of my backpack took extra time, so I didn’t sleep until 2:30am.

Total amount of sleep accumulated for the night: 2 hours.

(Pictures to be added until all write-up is done)


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