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A little bit about me:

  • I’m an engineering graduate student in the United States. Northeast region, specifically.
  • I was born in Taiwan, and I have lived in Taiwan, New Zealand, and America.
  • I speak Mandarin, English, and Japanese fluently.

What is Moe&Moe:

This blog is called Moe&Moe. You may pronounce it “Moe and Moe,” but I suspect it might be easier to just call it “M-two” like C.C. = C-two. Moe&Moe represents what I believe to be the two most important aspects of Anime, Comic (Manga), and Games (henceforth shortened as ACG).

The first Moe, has the kanji character “to burn”: 燃える. Literally, it means to burn, and that’s a pretty good description. It represents the soul on fire. It might be better known to others as GAR. It encapsulizes acts and attributes of manliness, and of undying courage. In the face of adversity, one pushes his or her soul to the limit, and fights until the very end and never gives up. Generally lots of SHOUTING are involved. Things that are moe 燃: Super Robot Wars, GaoGaiGar, Gurren Lagann, JAM Project, Archer (of fate Stay/Night), etc.

The second Moe, has the kanji character 萌える. It literally means to sprout, like a plant is sprouting. Nowadays it is better known for its use in the Anime community for something so cute that a sense of loving sprouts in one’s heart. It’s a love or fetish for an aspect in Anime or a character of an Anime. Things that are moe 萌: Tsundere, loli, Haruhi characters, etc.

Two characterstics on the opposite ends of the imaginary Anime spectrum, but yet they are represented by the same pronunciation. When one thinks about it, one may realize that they are just two faces of the same coin: burning passion for acts of manliness and burning passion for cuteness. Such dichotomy can be easily described by this picture:

Zengar (Sanger) Zonvolt and Irui from Super Robot Wars.
Image courtesy of Otentomaru-san お借りさせていただきます。

About the top image:

While the top image may change at irregular intervals, the one I’ve opted to use for now is from the Key game/eroge Little Busters! The burning friendship between a group of teenagers who grew up together, and the cute girls. Indeed it represents Moe&Moe. I only just started it though, so NO SPOILERS!

About my writing style:

I’m not the best writer in the world – I am an engineer after all, not a liberal arts student. So most of my writing style will really be kind of along the random rambling train-of-thought type. I will try to make it as readable as possible. If you find the posts or what I write about to be too convoluted, leave a comment and I will try to improve. I am however, prone to memes and 4chan talk, so you’ll have to excuse that.

While I am not always vulgar, some might pop-up now and then. Also other times I might say stuff that are quite abrasive – especially during rants – if you don’t like it, then don’t read it. That is all.

What I will talk about:

  • I’ll talk about latest episodes of Anime I’ve watched and include some screenshots. I’m too lazy to do full-length summaries like other people, but I’ll put up some screenshots. Since I am and these take a hella long time, I probably won’t do too many shows at once – that’s not the purpose of this blog.
  • I’ll have occasional reviews of full Anime series and movies I’ve watched, or games I have played.
  • Progress report on something, like a game. Maybe.
  • News or interesting info about something I like.
  • Things to do with Seiyuu / Voice Actors. I love seiyuu – both guys and girls.
  • Convention reports.
  • Stuff about my scanlation work.

What I like:

What makes me RAGE:

I generally don’t RAGE too much. But I RAGE HARD when someone badmouths or spreads disparaging remarks about something that I like. This is especially true when it comes to Hirano Aya – there have been some untrue rumors and negative comments about her recently. I’m a Hirano believer (平野信者), If you are responsible for spreading those sort of stuff, then I probably won’t get along too well with you.

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