Preview May’n☆Street

Courtesy of the official May’n mailing list, you can now listen and preview May’n new mini-album on the Internet:

Just follow this link and click on the songs…(Windows Media streaming format)

May’n Street will be released 1/21

The first track, May’n Space, sounds a little more poppy than I expected. It’s Yoko Kanno song of this album.

My impression is that they all sound great – of course they’re just like 10 second previews so it’s kinda hard to tell for now. Except that I thought Lion sounds the same as before XD

Code Geass R2 – 25 (END)

Wow. To save the series from the trainwreck that’s the past few episodes – well done, I salute you Taniguchi. This is an ending I can totally accept. Is it perfect? I can spot some minor flaws, but overall a good ending.

Code Geass R2 25: 9/10 or 10/10 (epic)
Macross Frontier 25: 1/10 (epic FAIL)


More comments later. I need food.

Macross Frontier – 25 (END)




Well played, Kawamori. Well played. Epic TROLLING. I got trolled on a 10/10 level.

See more for impressions / rage / spoiler:

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Macross Frontier – 24

I’m still busy, so to keep a long post short.

覚えておきなさい。 こんないい女、滅多にいないんだからね
“Remember. Such good women like me are hard to find.”

Alto would be an idiot if he doesn’t pick Sheryl. Plus I’d rage really hard and go burn Kawamori’s house down.

Code Geass R2 – 21

Quick! Trivia: How many times has Suzaku betrayed someone and changed sides? Brownie points for the first person to get it right.


Spoilers: Read more for Code Geass R2 episode 21

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Macross Frontier – 21

In progress…

Code Geass R2 20

This week’s fabulous Lelouch face (今週の華麗なルルーさん):

To be continued…