Predictions for Code Geass R2 – 25 (END)

I have not watched the episode yet….it’ll be done in 3 minutes, but I’d like post some ideas I had for the ending:

1) Reset end

2) Go into obscurity/give up/retirement end

3) Death end

4) Victory end

5) ????

Which one is it going to be?

I hope I don’t have to RAGE again, because I’ve had enough rage for 3 days (see Macross Frontier – 25)


An EMS Package appears…

I wonder what it is… 😀

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熱く燃・萌えるこの思い (atsuku moeru kono omoi)

I started this blog, with the same name, back in July 2007 because I had a lot to say about Anime Expo 2007 (which was half-epic, and half-fail) and I wanted somewhere to put my con reports/imporessions. It never took off, however, because I haven’t posted anything since the first blog post. You may ask, why?

I got lazy.

Yes. I am lazy. Therefore this post will also be filed under the laziness tag.

But in the meantime, I recognized that blogs are a good way to connect with people. Plus my friends from college, TheBigN and nomadotto, are doing fairly well with their blog and that sort of inspired me to get a move on with mine and actually post stuff on my blog. This is the obligatory introduction post to this blog – I will archive it in the About page as well.

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