C75: Memoirs of a Comiket Initiate (Day 1)

12/28/2008. Day 1 of Winter Comiket 75

Today’s itinery:
1) Go to Comiket!
2) Line up for INDUSTRY HALL (West)
3) Scour for expensive goods
4) Drop off stuff @ Hotel
5) ???

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C75: Memoirs of a Comiket Initiate (Day 0)

12/27/2008, I leave from Taipei International Airport, Taiwan, for Japan. My flight was around just after mid-day, and we arrive in Narita a little before 5PM.

Today’s itinery:
1) Meet up with Shinikenshi and Ayu from #nekonyan at the airport. They are folks whom I know through Zalas of Encubed (Shinikenshi is also the eroge peddler many of you know from Hendane! at major North American cons)
2) Get to my hotel in Roppongi, drop off, ready for the big battle ahead

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Leaving for Japan in a few hours

I will be going to Japan tomorrow. Less than 12 hours in fact. This will be 5 years since I last been to Tokyo, or Honshuu for the matter…

More to come…