I am at school right now so I can’t post a lot, but CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ENTIRE MACROSS STAFF!

Macross Frontier OST2 ranked #1 on Daily Oricon rankings for Oct 8. Of course I helped too…because already pre-ordered a copy.


Haha my copy of Nyan Tora came today in the mail courtesy of HMV + EMS. So fast. This is literally same-day international service XD. Pics later.

Also our goddess Hirano Aya’s new single Namida^3 (too lazy to type all 3 out) got #10 on Daily Oricon Singles Rankings. Job well done.


Lion climbs to #2 on Oricon and tidbits about Nakajima Megumi and May’n (Macross Frontier)

In an unusual turn of events, Lion has climbed to second place on Oricon yesterday (Aug 23) even though it officially debuted on Aug 20. (Thanks to samada-san that I was able to find out about this. さすがに私も毎日オリコンをチェックしませんねww)

For some reason, while Porno Graffiti has fallen to #5, Arashi is still on top!
*Shakes fist* Curse you Arashi!!! RAGEEEEEE (actually I won’t use the RAGE tag for this post)

Mamegu-memo now ACCEPTING QUESTIONS for Nakajima Megumi (Ranka Lee)…

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