This picture amused me

This set of picture amused me:


It’s Mizuki Nana and Hirano Aya posing for pictures together (left from Nana’s blog, right from Aya’s blog). I can just feel the horde of Nana fanboys around the world collectively pop their veins when they see this picture while cursing profanities (“Get away from our goddess, you filthy woman!” etc.) Is there anyone out there who is a die-hard Nana fan and doesn’t hate/laugh at Aya, or is a die-hard fan of both? If you are, please disprove me and leave a comment – I wish I am proven wrong.

I admit (which is no secret by now) that I am a huge huge huge Hirano Aya fanboy/worshipper/follower, but I have never been one to laugh at / speak bad of other seiyuu and singers. But from my experience in the seiyuu otaku world, the ones who badmouth Hirano generally fall into the following categories:

1) Mizuki Nana fanboys
2) Horie Yui fanboys
3) Tamura Yukari fanboys
4) Fanboys of other seiyuu

Seriously, are fanclubs and fanboys so insecure that they feel the need to ridicule other popular seiyuu icons in order to make themselves feel better and superior? I for one have never felt the need talk down fans of other seiyuu in order to show my support for Aya. I admit that she’s not perfect – she still needs to work on her singing during live performances (she’s already much better from what I see in Animelo 08), she needs to fire her make-up artist, and I did laugh a little @ Aya Style bikini. But there are many things which she excels and cannot be replaced by others – voice acting (I dare anyone to say with a straight face that strictly in terms of voice acting, Nana is better than Aya), her energy, stage presence, etc.

As for those rumors / slander about Aya originating from 2ch (e.g. “she’s using seiyuu as a jumpboard into the mainstream entertainment!” or “according to animation staff, in reality, she’s a stuck up snob!” or “She’s getting so much coverage because her dad’s a powerful dentsu executive!”, etc.) Well guess what, I really don’t give a rat’s ass about them. Neither should you. Since when can the crap coming out of 2ch ever be taken seriously? INTERNET, SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!!!11111I like VIP and 2ch culture and I find it extremely funny, but anything coming from 2ch should always be taken with a grain of salt because there’s so much trolling.

Just some random seiyuu ota ranting from me…

Nakajima Megumi and May’n goes to karaoke. Karaoke box implodes under DECULTURE

(This is worth of celebration. My first seiyuu post.)

Gentlemen, I like Macross Frontier. Gentlemen, I like Macross Frontier. Gentlemen, I LOVE MACROSS FRONTIER.


So this post will be some stuff about Nakajima Megumi (a.k.a. Mamegu), the seiyuu for Ranka Lee. Her blog is as posted in the celebrity blogroll to the right. There will also be some stuff from May’n about the Lion/Northern Cross single.

Recently, in Mamegu’s blog, she has declared a “special one year anniversary” in which she will answer questions some questions from fans one month after  September 1, which is the 1 yr anniversary of her blog. So if you have something to ask her, keep checking her blog because she said she’ll let everyone know when to start asking her questions. If you don’t know Japanese, leave me a comment and I will try to translate it and post it on her blog. I want to ask her if she’s interesteed in performing in America 😀

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