Macross Frontier OST3: NYAN TAMA

It is finally here. I have ordered my copy, have you?


We must work together and push this CD to #1 again!

Order from HMV….

Me? I have been busy. I expect activity to start up again sometime during winter break, or perhaps during exam study break.

Oh,  I will be attending Comiket 75 this winter!
12/27 – 1/3 in Japan.

Nakajima Megumi and May’n goes to karaoke. Karaoke box implodes under DECULTURE

(This is worth of celebration. My first seiyuu post.)

Gentlemen, I like Macross Frontier. Gentlemen, I like Macross Frontier. Gentlemen, I LOVE MACROSS FRONTIER.


So this post will be some stuff about Nakajima Megumi (a.k.a. Mamegu), the seiyuu for Ranka Lee. Her blog is as posted in the celebrity blogroll to the right. There will also be some stuff from May’n about the Lion/Northern Cross single.

Recently, in Mamegu’s blog, she has declared a “special one year anniversary” in which she will answer questions some questions from fans one month after  September 1, which is the 1 yr anniversary of her blog. So if you have something to ask her, keep checking her blog because she said she’ll let everyone know when to start asking her questions. If you don’t know Japanese, leave me a comment and I will try to translate it and post it on her blog. I want to ask her if she’s interesteed in performing in America 😀

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